Friday, August 27, 2010

Wild Baby Bunny Basil

I get a lot of emails about wild cottontails that are injured or orphaned every summer season. This summer was no different. Most of these babies don’t thrive unless a wildlife rehabilitator can provide help. This season was no different and then I heard from a lady in Omaha. Her name is Kimberly and she rescued a cottontail after it was injured by a dog in her garden. The bunny was only 2 days old and left crying and bleeding. She had helped the baby bunny survive two weeks. I gave her links to the wildlife rehabilitator directory and the House Rabbit Society page on orphaned baby bunnies. Plus, I offered her a bit of advice and encouragement. Well, it seems she is a natural at this since her rescued baby bunny who she calls “Basil” is doing well so far. His hair has grown in and he is gaining weight. She plans to release him when he is weaned and strong enough. The photo above is of Basil and I would say Kimberly has certainly given him a good start. Love those little elfin ears!