Sunday, August 29, 2010

The White Rabbit of Inaba

Wendy from LA who was in Japan recently sent me this photo from Tottoro near Hakuto Beach. A house rabbit fan herself; she said she enjoyed all the rabbit statues in the area. The story goes a white rabbit lived near the Hakuto Beach. When a flood washed the rabbit out to sea he asked the sharks to help him. He hopped from the back of one to the next until the sharks became angry and attacked him. First, some men who passed by the rabbit told him to bathe in the sea to heal his wounds, but it caused more pain. Then Daikoku-sama, the brother of the men passed by and told the rabbit to “Wash your body with fresh water and roll on the fluff of cattails”. The white rabbit followed his advice and was cured. Hakuto Beach is the setting for the story and it is recorded in Japan’s oldest written records. Domo Arigato Wendy!