Sunday, August 1, 2010

University of Victoria Rabbits may have Hoppy Ending

The British Columbia Supreme Court issued an injunction to stop the University of Victoria from its planned rabbit cull. In June the university released a plan that would have 1,400 rabbits killed or sterilized and relocated to sanctuaries. Animal activist Roslyn Cassells successfully went to court to prevent the cull, and the injunction is in effect for about another month. This will hopefully allow time to get the permits.
Here is what is hoppening to save the rabbits:
The Wild Rose Rescue Ranch rehabilitation farm in eastern Texas has offered to take 1,000 of the rabbits. It’s a long way from home, but certainly better than the alternative.
Susan Vickery, of Common Ground, a Gulf Islands-based wildlife assistance organization is also trying to get permits for a new sanctuary at the World Parrot Refuge near Coombs, B.C. Refuge owner Wendy Huntbatch has agreed to allow a space for up to 400 spayed and neutered UVic rabbits.
A vegan bake sale organized by Liberation BC last Wednesday night raised over $8,300 to spay neuter and relocate UVic rabbits. 40 bakers contributed baked goods and hundreds of people came out in support of the fundraiser.
A $50,000 donation from the Fur-Bearer Defenders will pay for spaying and neutering all rabbits trapped, and 14 local veterinarians have been lined up.