Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hare Today Maybe Gone Tomorrow in Houston

In Houston Texas a woman found out her home could be considered a "hutch" because she kept three rabbits in her home. Not kidding. The woman received three tickets - one for each of her pet rabbits. It's perfectly legal according to a 1968 city ordinance. According to the article in the Houston Chronicle newspaper "A 1968 city ordinance prohibits rabbits being housed within 100 feet of the nearest residence, restaurant, church, school or other human habitation, said Christopher Newport, spokesman for Houston's Bureau of Animal Control and Regulation. The code means that if you keep a rabbit in your home, the house is considered a rabbit hutch, and it must be at least 100 feet from your neighbor's."
Fortunately, Newport also realizes the law is outdated and the citation was an isolated incident, and Section 6-32 on rabbits, guinea pigs and fowl is under review along with other animal-control ordinances. They will present proposed changes to Houston City Council within three months. In the meantime, Les Wood, president of Bunny Buddies, says change is needed immediately because the ordinance impacts the rabbit rescue group's effort to find homes for animals abandoned at shelters.
Photo Credit: Damian Dovarganes AP