Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Danish Rabbit Hopping

A video for the 2010 Danish Rabbit Hopping Competition is make the rounds in cyberspace. It even jumped on to Cute Overload. I particularly enjoyed the little pep talks the humans were giving their bunnies between jumps. Rabbits are naturals for this sport that started in the 1970's in Europe. A Danish rabbit is the current world record holder with a jump of 39 inches high and 10 feet long. Breeds like Dutch, English Spot and Belgian Hares make great jumpers, but any mixed breed can learn and excel. The Danish video features a couple of lop breed rabbits. Rabbit Agility hasn't caught on in the US like it has in Europe, but there are several people who enjoy it, and a book on the subject. It's a little like horse show jumping, but the "cute factor" is much higher.