Saturday, July 10, 2010

Smuggled Rabbit turns 8 Rabbits into 25

A lop-eared albino rabbit dumped in a children’s zoo romanced the resident females resulting in 25 rabbits where there were originally eight. The Battersea Park Children’s Zoo in London got a lesson in rabbit math when an intact male rabbit was abandoned for about an hour with three of their female rabbits according to the Mail Online. It all added up to more bunnies than anyone counted on from the brief time the smuggled male was loose in the rabbit exhibit. The three unaltered females all gave birth to Archie’s offspring on the same day and the keepers don’t know which of the kits belongs to which doe. Archie has been neutered in the meantime. The zoo warned visitors not to abandon their pets with them. The new bunnies will be shared with two of their other facilities. Obviously, Archie is a handsome rabbit (see pic above from Mail Online) and the previous owners could have easily found a new home for him.

Pictured (Mail online) right are Archie's large family and they are cute. However, the new arrivals have put an added burden on the zoo. For rabbit rescue groups, humane societies and anyone who needs to convince someone to fix their rabbit Hopperhome has a free download of a flyer on why rabbits should be neutered or spayed.