Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rabbit Puts Out Lights for 3,000 Homes

The Tri-City Herald in Washington State reported that a rabbit is to blame for a Richland, WA power outage. Power was out for 3,000 homes. The bunny somehow got into an “electrical switch gear and basically short-circuited the equipment.” The article did not say what happened to the rabbit. I assume it was a wild Eastern Cottontail. And, this isn’t the first time because they said squirrels and snakes are the worst offenders. I think the utility needs to "bunny proof" their equipment.
After my first bunny wire chewer went through a couple of computer mouse cords, I purchased some corrugated hoses to cover wires. Find it in any hardware store. The photo above isn’t a cute photo of a bunny, but those unattractive hoses can save an adorable rabbit’s life.