Friday, July 2, 2010

Mixing It Up with Cats & Rabbits

In my household there are 4 tom cats and 3 rabbits right now. Everyone gets along purrfectly. See video at link below of my Dutch breed rabbit, Pansy, playing with one of the cats and annoying the other. Over all the years I have had both species in the house only one cat was too predatory in her behavior to safely mix with rabbits. She was an abandoned (and formerly starving) purebred Silver Persian cat who had spent too long outside hunting for prey. I found her a wonderful home where she could be spoiled and enjoy the companionship of another cat. So not all feline/lagomorph matches are going to work and some take lots of patience. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum there was my sister Bonnie's cat Luca and my bunny Groucho pictured above. Luca treated Groucho like her kitten. She both corrected him and lavished him with affection. So it all depends on the cat, the rabbit and your good judgement.

See Amy Shapiro's Article at House Rabbit Society Website. This article gives sound advice on making friends for rabbits outside their species especially with cats.