Thursday, July 8, 2010

If Rabbits Dig Your Garden Too Much . . .

For those of us who love rabbits including the wild ones, it is hard to imagine people don't want them in their yards. But it is true. I receive several emails every year once gardening season starts requesting information on how to rid yards of these "pests." Rather than let rabbits be exterminated, I decided it might be good to offer up some tips on how to do this in a non-lethal way. All of it is advice I have received over the years. I have compiled a list of old wives tales, tried and true methods, and anecdotal information on how to keep rabbits out of gardens. Contrary to the myth about "dumb bunnies," rabbits are very smart especially when food is involved. See picture above - I know this rabbit personally and he is very intelligent plus well fed. I don't offer any lethal means of thwarting hungry rabbits. It just isn't my style.
Find Tip Sheet to Print at bottom of my Wild Bunnies web page