Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fur Flying Over Victoria Campus Rabbits

I have been following this story on the University of Victoria Rabbits for a few years now. At this point they have about 1,500 feral rabbits on the campus and they have spread out into the nearby neighborhoods. Several Canadian newspapers reported on the newest plan for feral rabbit management. University officials plan to leave 200 rabbits in zone for rabbits in the campus core and then the rest won’t be so lucky. They will be trapped and “culled.” No one is happy with this plan. The article in the Victoria Times Colonist was right that “If others [the rabbit pet owners] had acted responsibly, the whole issue would have been avoided.” The climate on Vancouver Island is mild and there is plenty to eat with few predators. Many people feed the rabbits on a daily basis. My only question is: Will the 200 rabbits left to live on campus be neutered and spayed? Just a thought. I created a new flyer for Hopperhome available for download called “A Dozen Wild Reasons – to Never Abandon a Rabbit Outdoors.” Find it here. Photo Credit: Geoff Howe For The Globe and Mail