Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Animal Hoarding TV Program on Animal Planet

Tomorrow night Animal Planet starts a TV Series on Animal Hoarding The show does not profile a rabbit hoarder, but the dog, cat, bird and other exotic pet animal hoarders all share the same serious psychological condition. Over the years I have read about many, many cases of rabbit hoarding. If the person doesn't receive mental health treatment, they have a 100% relapse rate. Tufts University has done a lot of work in this field and is listed as a resource on the Animal Planet website above. The really sad aspect of animal hoarding is the harm the hoarder does to themselves and the ultimate abuse to the animals involved. Most hoarders start out with good intentions, but somewhere along the line those intentions veer out of control. It's easy to do with rabbits especially if they are not neutered or spayed since they can multiply so fast. It can result even in thousands of rabbits. The Great Reno Rabbit Rescue comes to mind where well over 1,000 rabbits were found in a backyard.